Patricia WingField
Patricia WingField
Bald Head Island Limited Real Estate Sales
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4 Marina Wynd
Bald Head Island, NC 28461
About Me

Patricia moved to Bald Head Island in 1987 and started working in real estate with Bald Head Island Limited on day one as a resident. According to Patricia, each of Bald Head Island's various environments is a wonderful place to live. She, more than most, should know. Patricia has owned property on the river, golf course, creek and in the maritime forest. Prior to coming to Bald Head Island, she worked as a Sales Specialist with AT&T. A former member of the Bald Head Island Fire Department and Rescue Squad, Patricia now shares her time between the island and downtown Wilmington, where she purchased and then spent six months renovating an historical home. Most of her time is still spent on Bald Head Island, where she enjoys working and playing on the beach.

Reflecting on how Bald Head Island has changed and how it has stayed the same over the years, Patricia says, "When I came on board, I was the 27th permanent resident. We still had CBs on the island and only land lines at work--none in the homes. In the age of no cell phones and no internet we learned to work with each other, play outside together when off, and join in dinners, games and other gatherings with the few property owners on the island. It was fun then and it is fun now. The players have changed, but the island is the same. The difference now is we have younger age groups, more children's activities, and more interaction with all types of people. There is no place like Bald Head Island, and we have the Mitchells (developers) to thank for that."

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