Contract To Keys, SONNY OGILVIE
Contract To Keys, SONNY OGILVIE
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Sonny Ogilvie is the founder of Ogilvie Real Estate dba; Contract To Keys based in Jacksonville, Florida. Sonny is a 17 year, residential industry veteran and has represented buyers and sellers in resale and new construction transactions. Sonny has built a solid foundation of investors and residential clients through his consultation and advisory services.

Mr. Ogilvie has a background in Real Estate Financial Investments, and has a long record for successfully guiding local, national, and multi-national residential clients with their residential real estate acquisitions, asset reposition and dispositions. Sonny has done a full circle as a photographer, internet marketing skills and as a real estate broker/owner. Sonny tells us he did not plan this 30 years ago, life took me in that direction and just worked out well for him.

In Sonny’s spare time he enjoys slumming the beaches with his beautiful wife Karen. They love to collect rocks and shells and identify each of them. His wife Karen makes beautiful pieces of art out of all things natural such as rock candles, shell art, clay jewelry, baskets from pine needles palm tree leaves collected from their backyard.

In addition, they are both very much into living a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, working out, and herbs. Sonny loves to practice his guitar while his wife sings to him. He has lived on or near the water almost his entire life and considers himself to be a waterfront specialist.

His oldest grandson Dylan is a Master Captain in Siesta Keys Florida. Not planned but his name means of the “Sea”. His wife Karen is like a mermaid in the water, she glides through the water like a graceful stingray. When they take walks on the Bay Front of St. Augustine the dolphins actually follow her no matter which direction she turns. The water is just in our blood he says while talking with us today.

His team name is Sonny Ogilvie and The Anchor Team where you can count on love, integrity, commitment, passion and fun.

"It's About You and It's About You"